Muggi - Amazing 9/10!

The Muggi is a drinks carrier like no other for several reasons. First of all, it’s because it comes in many different colours, secondly, it has lovely little rubber feet and thirdly it should end all the coffee splosh marks on trousers from carrying a coffee back from the kitchen. Intrigued? You should be.  After all the years of using our cardboard carrier from a local branded coffee shop, we gave this a try.

What is the Muggi exactly?

The Muggi is a 4-mug cup carrier.  It requires no batteries, no ram, no software upgrades and is compatible with most mugs.  You might think we’re taking the biscuit with this (digestives would fit well into a spare holder) – except we think all of the above is a good thing.  It’s simple and it enables you to carry drinks around.

The Muggi has a lip around the edge too, to catch any minor spills.  It has 4 rubber feet on the base to enable it to stick to your lap if you carry it in your wheelchair.  The Muggi can also stack, if you have more than one in a business environment.

Does it work?



Yes.  Some photos are in our gallery below, including some trousers to take on David Trotter (the designer) in his fancy trousers.

What colour options are there?

Red, Recycled Black, Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Dark Grey and my personal favourite, Pink.

What do I need to use a Muggi?

You need to have some mugs of tea, coffee or alternative light refreshment, some standard sized mugs and the ability to lift or move about whilst holding something.  In seriousness, if you cannot lift using your hands, you will need to adapt this otherwise great product.  Knowing Muggi though, they’ve probably got an idea or two that can help.

Where can I get a Muggi?

You can order direct – sells direct to the customer and if you order in bulk for a business or setting where you might have a need for more than one Muggi, they offer further discounts.

Still not sure?

It’s guaranteed for 88 years.  I didn’t ask…


A simple product that keeps the point of innovative ideas core – a problem fixed by a novel solution and doesn’t attempt to complicate matters.  Say goodbye to your cardboard carriers from your chain coffee shop, this is great and even means less cardboard recycling, so environmentally friendly too (even more so if you go for the recycled black colour).  It does mean that there is no more excuses for not making the tea though…

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