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muggi at home


muggi for mobility


muggi at sea


muggi in the office


muggi in the garden


your muggi

One handed drinks carrier, mugs of tea or coffee, no spills or scalds, 8 bright colours, made from tough plastic, easy to carry safely for young or old

classic muggi

designed and made in the UK classic muggi is made from tough recycled plastic - available in 7 different colours to suit every taste.

guaranteed for 88 years!


single handed drinks carrier made from recycled ocean plastic, saves wild life and the environment, promoting the circular closed loop economy.

recycled muggi

designed and made in the UK from waste marine plastic reclaimed from our seas

''muggi was inspired by a journey on the ocean and one of our founding principles is to drive positive environmental and social change.”

Made for carrying drinks within the hospitality industry, pubs, restaurants, cafes, takeaway venues and delivery solutions. Never spill another drop and protected with Biomaster anti bacterial solution protecting against 99.91% of germs and bacteria

PUB muggi

trays are designed for plates not cups, glasses or bottles! - muggi can carry 4 pints, 4 bottles of wine and everything in between safely to the customer's table.

keep your staff and clients safe, now protected against 99.91% germs and bacteria


Great for camping or using around the house when carrying drinks into the garden.


Leaves one hand free to hold the bannister or to carry something else.

Mrs E

Brilliant gadget - now have one at home, in the garden, the office and the caravan! Love it.


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