As a wheelchair user one of the simple tasks I do struggle with is cups of boiling hot water. Or carrying multiple cups at the same time. For many this simple task is an everyday event but for me it is an impossible chore. I have attempted several ideas and to be honest I have either got to do several trips with a hot tea in one hand and the risk of wearing it and then get from A to B. The area i was struggling with he ,out was in work, I work as part of a team and we do have a tea rota, the team I work with are fantastic and are well aware of my odd restriction and in fairness never ever raised any comment that I never made a cup of tea but for me it was a simple task that I wanted to be involved in, I have never been beaten by anything and it was frustrating that I couldn’t do it. Recently the company’s health and safety department decided that they would review how cups of boiling water was being carried around the office and purchased  a few 1000 muggi’ and this for me was an absolute revelation. It meant that I could now take part in the tea run, however due to health and safety in work I am unfortunately not aloud to carry the cups on my lap with tea in them but I can now carry all the empties to the kitchen wash them, fill them and then one of the guys just carries them back to e desks. So simple. At home it’s another story, this simple design makes carrying so much easier no more risk of spilling and it gives me a sense of pleasure when I can roll in with the teas. However as I recently discovered it works great with a few beers and also a bottle of wine and two glasses. I know for many reading this you may ask how something so simple as making tea can be such a big deal but it’s about the simple things that make the difference. This is better than any tray, the cups are secured, there is a lip so nothing can spill and it fits nice and solid on your lap. This really is a fantastic wheelchair must but I would love to see how someone with poor grip would benefit I think it’s design would assist in that area two.  If you have used this please post a comment below of your thoughts. 

Muggi Specifications 

• Muggi is designed and manufactured in the UK from a lightweight but super tough Polypropylene.

• It is available in a range of colours including Blue, Red, Grey, Purple, Green, Pink and recycled Black.

• It securely holds most shapes and sizes of mugs, cups and wine bottles and will catch any unwanted spillages, BUT it also features four non-slip rubber feet, finger and thumb holds!

• We can produce muggi in virtually any colour for orders over 1000 units, please call to discuss details.


• Width 200mm

• Depth 200mm

• Height 70mm

• Each cup holder diameter 89mm

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