muggi was designed by inventor and company owner, David Trotter. Manufactured in the UK to withstand the harsh environment of the ocean, muggi is now manufactured from 100% land and marine waste plastic.

The recycled PP (Polypropylene) we use comes from the ocean and post-consumer waste, which is regenerated into new material comparable in quality to virgin plastic. We also use post-industrial plastic collected and regenerated during our own manufacturing process at the factory in the UK. The good news is muggi can be re-recycled forever, helping to close the loop on the ever increasing plastic problem.

As David explains, “The muggi is incredible durable and has non-slip feet, so will remain stationary on any surface. It’s great for preventing spillages and so is popular in all manner of work environments where spills frequently cause serious accidents.”

For elderly people or those with reduced mobility, using a muggi can improve quality of life. “People can carry drinks on their lap while in a wheelchair or have a spare hand to help negotiate the stairs,” says David. “It’s these little things which provide an important sense of independence. Using a muggi to prevent coffee spilling on the deck of your yacht is one thing, but inventing something which an elderly care home resident, or a young person with cerebral palsy, uses everyday to give them a sense of self-empowerment – that’s what I’m most proud of.”