Our muggi journey started on 1st January 2011 and it was our intention for them to find homes all over the world. We succeeded with this and it quickly became apparent that muggi were beginning to play a large part in people's everyday lives. Be that carrying mugs of tea to the shed, holding cold cans on the beach or stopping spillages on boats everyone has their "muggi moment".

With that in mind we asked muggi owners to start sending us their pictures, videos and stories of their "muggi moments" and where in the world they were taking place. Since then we've been sent some wonderful moments which remind us daily of the journey we started and why we started it.

We'd like you to send us your "muggi moments" by simply visiting our Facebook page and uploading your images, videos and comments or by tweeting us at @muggi_moments.

We look forward to sharing your experiences with muggi.