muggi for the Office or Workplace

muggi for the office

muggi is ideal for the office or workplace, allowing drinks to be carried safely without spilling liquids onto the floor or furniture and enables doors to be safely opened whilst carrying drinks - overall reducing the risk of slips, trips and spills in the workplace - all for just £14.95 

muggi tea and coffee tray 

“I bought these for our office instead of using trays which can be unstable and wobbly."

“It’s a hit in our office and has made my life ten times easier carrying drinks up to our boardroom”

Satisfy Workplace Health & Safety

carry drinks with muggi

muggi features four non-slip rubber feet and finger & thumb holds to make it easy to carry for young or old hands. It is a one-handed tray allowing the free hand to hold a handrail on the stairs or to carry that all-important packet of biscuits!  

muggi creates a more stable, longer lasting, multi-use solution to the age old problem of safe hot or cold drink transportation...Muggi also catches any spills in the bottom of the tray with the clever rims built into the design...thus helping to avoid slips and trips and stained carpets within the working environment.” Health & Safety Matters.


Help Team Cohesion

A muggi on the desk encourages staff members to carry out the tea round - increasing team cohesion and helping staff to get to know each other better!

Check out muggi in 9 Reasons people are in or out of the office hot drinks round

"The ideal Christmas gift for your brew-round dodging colleague" - Pretty52

“Perhaps our new-found appreciation for the office tea run will finally turn us into a ship-shape crew? Either way, we’re now firmly ensconced in Muggi’s warm embrace.” - Radio Times

Pick up your muggi today!

Pick up a box of 10 muggi for your office and save 10% off the individual price, equal to just £10.77 per muggi (excluding VAT).

10 muggi too many for your needs? Then you can buy a six stack and save 5% off the individual price.

Just need a couple? Purchase two or more muggi and get free delivery!

You can even request muggi with your corporate branding, colours and logo. If you wish to discuss this, or a bulk order of muggi - get in touch at or call us on 07970 029346.