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With regards to a modern working office - and yes, they do still exist - there has always been divided opinion around the extent of the rules and guidance around health and safety, "it’s health and safety gone mad!"

We’re not fans of creating rules for rules’ sake but collectively working to promote a safe and empathetic working environment for our workforce shouldn’t be up for debate. We all like hot tea and coffee but we don’t want it spilled on the kitchen top, floor or, more importantly, onto our skin. We all need an amount of risk and stress in lives to exist and progress but unwanted, and avoidable, trips, slips, spills and burns are not enjoyable for anyone.

When we start looking at the the feature benefits of muggi, it’s at this point in the H&S discussion we hear the "so, just use a tray!" or "just make tea and coffee for one!". We hear you, but you clearly haven’t used a flat, slippy, edgeless tool for carrying mugs recently and certainly aren’t keen on building team camaraderie. Just saying.

In short, muggi has the potential of being the most reliable, dependable, hard-working and sociable member of your office team. Furthermore, it won’t demand a salary, pension contributions or healthcare!

Since the the moment our early muggi cup holder prototypes landed on our desks, their potential for uses beyond carrying four mugs of piping hot tea were very clear.

muggi, the versatile office companion

Sure, we’ve all had desk tidies, paper weights, pen pots and pencil cases in our lifetimes and although we’ve never likely to have pondered the question of "I wonder if there’s a desk tidy that could hold my mug of tea and my biscuits too?", the universe had already asked it and answered it with muggi.

It’s a great example of how muggi was invented for one thing yet has found purpose and meaning in many other areas in our lives, a subject we’ll be looking at here very soon!

We believe, know and are proud that as well as serving its primary function, muggi goes beyond the physical and into the emotional. It serves more than just 4 mugs of hot drinks. It serves a purpose much greater than what it was designed for.

Right now, muggi is for hire. What can muggi do for you and your office?

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