Is the claw-grip really the best way to carry your mug?

It has been recently reported in the press that scientists in South Korea have discovered the best way of carrying a mug of coffee to prevent it from splashing and spilling. Their findings? That a ‘claw’ like grip is the most effective way of transporting your beverage, or you could walk backwards with your drink to prevent a spillage.

We at muggi are going to have to disagree with the boffins on this one. Take a look at the image of the ‘claw’ grip below. Maybe it will prevent some splashing, but what about the hot steam rising from your brew potentially burning your palm? The way it’s being held also looks quite uncomfortable and makes the cup liable to be dropped for those not in possession of a strong grip. Needless to say, walking backwards introduces all sorts of safety issues that would negate any benefit from a reduced chance of spilt coffee.


Is this claw grip [left] really the best way to carry your mugs? We think not.


We may be biased, but the best way of transporting your mugs is with muggi. The lightweight design and thumb-holds make carrying up to four drinks safe and easy. Rubber feet mean that your beverages are secure, even on boats and campervans. If any spillages do occur, then they are contained within the product and can be cleared away with a quick wipe. Sounds like something that would be useful for any home, office or South Korean laboratory, doesn’t it?

We’d love to know whether you have a preferred method for carrying your mugs. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

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