Its all about the base!

By SatonmyButt

In a previous blog post I talked about the difficulties of making a cuppa whilst sat in a wheelchair and how I had been scalded whilst making a cup of tea!

I saw on Twitter a device/thing called a Muggi and it seemed to be the solution to making a cuppa whilst in a wheelchair or using a crutch/stick and so I ordered one last thursday and it arrived today.


Its a sturdy moulded piece with four rubber feet, I tried about four different mugs of different sizes and shapes and they all sit in well and the handle slots make sure your cuppa is held securely.


So I couldn’t wait to get the kettle on and make a cuppa, well two because I owe my wife a few coffee’s! Two mugs set in the Muggi nicely and very securely, usually I am nervous after the incident where my wedding tackle came close to getting boiled but I felt comforted by the fact the cups were safe.


I was even confident enough to pour with one hand and take the photo with the other, my wife thought I was pushing my luck. Now for the stirring, I decided to do this one handed as well because I wanted to see how it would feel if you had a stick or crutch in one hand and once again the mugs stayed still and Muggi didn’t budge as I gave it a vigorous stir and pressed the tea bag against the side of the mug.

106 107

So one black coffee and one cup of tea made and I am feeling happy that I can now make a cuppa whilst the family are out without fear of my lap ending up looking as red as a baboon’s bum and all that is left is to get them from the kitchen to the lounge. Normally I use a long thin tray, its placed on my lap and then I carefully place the mugs on and then have to get over the door bar between kitchen and lounge that feels like a speed bump. Not this time, I just picked up the Muggi and it sat nicely on my legs, I took a photo but my wife insisted on taking one from the front and now everyone will see that I have too many biscuits with my Tea! I did spill a tiny bit of tea but the spill is contained in the Muggi, perfect.

109 108

So my verdict is, get on the Muggi website and order one, something so so simple and yet for someone like me its priceless. I am also left with two free slots where a muffin or cup cake would fit nicely!

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