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Is muggi dishwasher safe?
It is safe to put muggi in a dishwasher but it is easily cleaned under a running tap.

What is muggi made from?
Muggi is made from Polypropylene, it does not leach harmful chemicals into foods or liquids. The material is commonly used to make containers for yoghurt, drinks, ketchup and medicines. It is flexible and hard, one of the reasons we offer an 88 year guarantee! We are always investigating new recycled material options.

Where is muggi made?
We are very proud to manufacture muggi at our factory in Whitstable, Kent.

What are muggi dimensions?
A muggi is 200mm wide x 200mm deep x 70mm high, or for the older generation 8'' x 8'' x 3''. Each 'Well' is 89.9 mm wide, or 3.5''.

Can I use muggi for other than carrying mugs?
Mugs with handles, cups, glasses, wine bottles and beakers are just some of the drink containers that fit into a muggi. Muggi can be used for numerous items other than drinks, think of a desk tidy, a plant pot holder for seedlings somewhere for your G&T items and of course chocolate biscuits! 

What colours can I buy muggi in?
We currently stock seven standard colours navy blue, grey, purple, black, bright green, pink and red. We can match any colour for larger orders.

Can I buy muggi in stores?
We are adding new stores to the muggi stable all the time. Currently, muggi is available in shops within the sailing, motor home & caravan and independent living markets; with new stores in the kitchen, garden centres and hardware markets available shortly.

How much does muggi weigh?
280 grams or 9.9 ounces.

Can I buy a branded muggi for my business?
Yes, we offer a branding facility for orders of more than 100 muggi.

Is muggi made from recycled plastic?
We currently offer the black muggi which is made from recycled material.

What does muggi mean?
The safest drinks tray in the world.

Who is Trotski?
Trotski is the inventor of muggi. He is also a seafaring wizard travelling the globe sprinkling stardust on mortals dreams!


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