Is muggi dishwasher safe?

Yes. Or you can rinse it under running water.

What is muggi made from?

Muggi are made from tough and durable Polypropelene  (PP) in our factory in Kent UK.

Some of our range are made from 100% recyclable material from your household plastic recycling and industrial waste. We have recently launched Ocean Green muggi made from 100% recycled plastic regenerated from the sea.

Is muggi recyclable

Yes but we gaurantee them for 88 years!

Where is muggi made?

Whitstable, Kent, United Kingdom

What size is muggi?

20 cm x 20 cm x 7 cm or 8'' x 8'' x 3''. Each 'Well' is 89.9 mm wide, or 3.5''

Can I use muggi for other than carrying mugs?

Yes. Cups, pint glasses, wine bottles and beakers are just some of the drink containers that fit safely into a muggi. Muggi can be used for numerous items other than drinks, think of a desk tidy, a plant pot holder for seedlings somewhere for your G&T items and of course chocolate biscuits! 

What colours can I buy muggi in?

Red, blue, bright green, pink, purple, grey (recycled), black (recycled) and ocean green (recycled)

How much does muggi weigh?

280g or 9.9oz 

Can I buy a branded muggi?

Yes. We can make muggi in bespoke colours and add a printed logo or label.

If I have not answered your question drop me a line at Hello@muggi.co.uk