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About ‘Trotski’

David Trotter (Trotski to his sailing mates) is a former Highland soldier, high flying executive with one of the world’s leading event companies, owner of the UK’s leading treehouse design and construction company, and serial inventor and entrepreneur.

Whatever he does – he draws on this diversity of experience to bring a fresh perspective and radical, different thinking. It’s how he came up with muggi, and his next project, which is near to launch and which he believes is going to revolutionise the market for portable structures at up-market outdoor (and indoor) events.

More about the man…

He’s also a former high flying executive with the world’s leading event company, Imagination, organising huge events all over the world for the likes of BT, Ford and Microsoft.

But after 9 or 10 years he’d had enough of the corporate life, London, endless airports, and so on. He gave it all up, and moved his young family to the middle of nowhere in Wiltshire with not a clue how he was going to earn a living.

Now, Trotski runs Britain’s leading treehouse design and construction company, Squirrel Design - so how did he get into the treehouse business? Similar to the way he got into muggi – a chance event, which after years of highly organised events was a welcome change. Someone mentioned they wanted a treehouse. Trotski said he could build them one – and was certain that he could. A week later – and many, many hours in his workshop – his wife Sarah had designed, and he had built a rather special treehouse. Special enough for friends and neighbours to ask for their own.

“I think there’s a business in this he said, and now they run Britain’s leading treehouse design and construction company. Not quite as simple as that, of course, but they’ve created a fantastic business that comes with a great lifestyle. Always different projects, different challenges, and never enough time to go sailing.

But David can’t stop himself inventing. muggi is just one of his inventions. Another is about to be launched that is going to revolutionise the market for portable structures at up-market outdoor (and indoor) events.

And then there’s the washing machine that paints; the tree with no trunk; the roof tile that weighs less than a duck egg; the…

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