• The safest drinks tray in the world!
  • Bright & Beautiful

    Bright & Beautiful A brilliant little piece of colourful kit! Thanks Jenny T  A happy owner of two of the new fully recycled muggi colours Petr...
  • Best thing since sliced bread

    Best thing since sliced breadI used a muggi instead of a tray to carry our drinks. No more spills, so easy to use and the new ones are even better....
  • Great product, great service

    Great product, great service I would recommend this to all, particularly for the office ‘tea club’!
  • Happy 'Green' customer

    Thank you, quick service and love the colour. Thank you x
  • Another lovely Muggi!

    Another lovely Muggi!A brilliant product which I use every day to keep and carry round my mug, glass of water, phone and glasses! I have also given...
  • Great Product!

    I have been looking at Muggis since I saw them on the TV, and have finally taken the plunge, so to speak. Being 100% recycled is obviously a great plus point, but the product actually does exactly what you want it to. I bought them for two reasons - firstly for carrying cups of tea and coffee from the kitchen to the living room, and they are perfect. I have made use of any spare holes to carry snacks, including mince pies! The second reason was for Cub Camp, when we get through loads of hot drinks, and a cup carrier like this will be brilliant. The pandemic has put paid to a test run for that, so I can only speak about my experience from home, and it is all good! James 🙏
  • Muggi teams up with Addmaster (UK) Ltd

    So excited to be working with fellow @MadeinBritainGB member @Addmaster @AddmasterCEO in helping all our customers be they #sailors, #motorhome...
  • Excellent and “green”

      Excellent and “green” Used for mugs with a wheelchair giving longed- for independence. Excellent design and simple solution. Thank you E W-T 🙏
  • Essential domestic tool - latest customer review 🙏

    Practical and long-lasting, in a sensible compact design. There really is nothing comparable. I supply them in holiday cottages to keep the carpets...
  • Muggi joins ‘Brand Cornwall’ as a 100% recycled plastic drinks carrier

    “We’ve been rapidly incorporating recycled plastic into our production systems - keeping pace with advances in technology - and are very proud to be 'soaking-up' some of your waste kerb-side plastic.”

    “I’m particularly proud that we can reuse ghost fishing nets recovered off the Cornish coast by organisations such as Clean Ocean Sailing, a marine conservation charity based in Gweek. Muggi was inspired by a journey on the ocean and one of our founding principles is to drive positive environmental and social change.”

  • All muggi now made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic

    All muggi are now manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and is currently available in seven new colours, heather purple, petrol blue, light grey, rustic red, black, sage green, dark green and pink, but we can make any colour you want for bulk orders.