• Great for working in the garage! loving wife making cups of tea, with shortbread biscuits, for her hard-working wood-carving man in his shed! 😂 It will have to be beer next! @madeinbritain2018

  • Useful!

    Useful The Muggi has made carrying drinks a doddle. It’s so easy to handle and carry, far better than on a tray. Irene
  • The safest drinks tray in the world!
  • Bright & Beautiful

    Bright & Beautiful A brilliant little piece of colourful kit! Thanks Jenny T  A happy owner of two of the new fully recycled muggi colours Petr...
  • Best thing since sliced bread

    Best thing since sliced breadI used a muggi instead of a tray to carry our drinks. No more spills, so easy to use and the new ones are even better....
  • Great product, great service

    Great product, great service I would recommend this to all, particularly for the office ‘tea club’!
  • Happy 'Green' customer

    Thank you, quick service and love the colour. Thank you x
  • Another lovely Muggi!

    Another lovely Muggi!A brilliant product which I use every day to keep and carry round my mug, glass of water, phone and glasses! I have also given...
  • Great Product!

    I have been looking at Muggis since I saw them on the TV, and have finally taken the plunge, so to speak. Being 100% recycled is obviously a great plus point, but the product actually does exactly what you want it to. I bought them for two reasons - firstly for carrying cups of tea and coffee from the kitchen to the living room, and they are perfect. I have made use of any spare holes to carry snacks, including mince pies! The second reason was for Cub Camp, when we get through loads of hot drinks, and a cup carrier like this will be brilliant. The pandemic has put paid to a test run for that, so I can only speak about my experience from home, and it is all good! James 🙏
  • Muggi teams up with Addmaster (UK) Ltd

    So excited to be working with fellow @MadeinBritainGB member @Addmaster @AddmasterCEO in helping all our customers be they #sailors, #motorhome...
  • Excellent and “green”

      Excellent and “green” Used for mugs with a wheelchair giving longed- for independence. Excellent design and simple solution. Thank you E W-T 🙏
  • Essential domestic tool - latest customer review 🙏

    Practical and long-lasting, in a sensible compact design. There really is nothing comparable. I supply them in holiday cottages to keep the carpets...